Non-stop action excitement.....10 of the greatest acrobats ...... one undisputed Shaolin Master of Martial arts.... five of China’s most talented young female musicians perform a live contemporary music score blending traditional melody with vibrant new harmonies – the Shanghai Circus - YIN YANG.

As close as it gets to being the greatest show on earth”-

Daily Telegraph

Two thousand years of tradition explode onto the theatre stage in the world’s greatest acrobatic circus.

Soaring... diving... leaping.... twisting.... tumbling.....flying...somersaulting acrobats achieving the seemingly impossible with extreme blink-and-you’ll-miss-it martial arts executed by the Shaolin Master in the incomparable Shanghai Circus – YIN YANG

High speed manoeuvres pack an entertaining punch! Blink, gawpe and don’t try any of this at home!

The Herald

Direct from the cultural heart of China – for the first time in Europe – the Shanghai Circus - Yin Yang takes a new look at the world’s oldest circus disciplines in a visually stunning action-loaded acrobatic extravaganza specially created for discerning theatre audiences.

Spectacular - the most exhilarating circus it has ever been my privilege to see”

Evening Standard

Pure breath-taking high octane action. Uninterrupted by narrative, the outstanding excellence of China’s leading acrobats speaks for itself.
......From the poetry in motion of the delightful Diablos to the style....
Add to that the incredible physical and mental strength of the Shaolin Master whose jaw-dropping martial arts feats will have you in the edge of your seat.... while the live musical accompaniment sets the senses soaring.......the
Shanghai Circus - Yin Yang

Rarely is such excitement generated in a theatre ….the whole audience hangs breathless”

Manchester Evening News

Prepared to be dazzled as the circus that revolutionised Big Top shows now launches into 2010 with the greatest family entertainment ever assembled beyond the Great Wall.

Stunning displays of acrobatic prowess, strength, agility, and contortionism” -

The List, Edinburgh

Book now! For sheer excitement and pure entertainment you can’t afford to miss the incomparable Shanghai Circus - Yin Yang

Sell the dog, skip the weekly trip to the supermarket…but miss this show at your peril!”

Norwich Weekly

*Yin Yang is used in Chinese philosophy to describe how opposites or opposing forces are interconnected and dependant on each other to achieve balance in the natural world.

"Excellent production values, a warm spirit and some terrific athletes."

Chicago Tribune

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